Springfield Township, Ohio

About Springfield Township

In the heart of Hamilton County, Ohio is the unique and diverse community of Springfield Township. The picturesque streets of the city's tree-lined neighborhoods give its more than 36,000 residents easy access to the to the many neighborhoods that make up the sprawling Cincinnati Suburb.


The area of Springfield Township has long been inhabited by those who are seeking an ideal place to live. Before the 17th Century, the area that is now Springfield Township, was inhabited by mound building tribes of Native Americans. Over the next several hundred years, the area was coveted by many Native American tribes. During this time it was inhabited by the Algonquin, Delaware, Iroquois, Miami, Ottowa, and Tuscarawa tribes at various times.

During the colonization of the Americas, the region became a hotly disputed territory between the French and British colonial powers. The area was a valuable asset for fur traders and possessed access to valuable natural resources. Eventually, Britain and France went to war over the region. The British forces prevailed and the Proclamation of 1756 was issued.

The first governor of the territory ordered the building of several fortifications in the area. With the addition of the fortifications and the protection that they offered settlers, pioneers rapidly approached the area in droves. It was through this onslaught of new settlers that the community of Springfield Township was formed.

Over the next hundred years, concentrations of people formed what were to become the villages, towns, and neighborhoods within Springfield Township. The advent of the railroad and the invention of the telephone played a significant role in the organization and development of the communities within the township's boundaries. By 1880, Springfield Township was home to approximately 8,000 people.

Today, Springfield Township's story continues to evolve and reveal new chapters with each passing year. The town has become more racially and ethnically diverse as it has progressed in years. The rural charm of the community has all but disappeared in favor of tree-lined suburban streets, charming shops, and quaint restaurants. With the residential expansion, the community has evolved to accommodate the growing needs of its population. Schools, hospitals, police precincts, and fire houses have been added to care for the exceptional community. Despite its growth and change, the character of Springfield Township remains as solid as the spirit of its diverse population.

Life In Springfield Township

Schools children in Springfield

Springfield is a community of diversity that celebrates the differences of its community members. The wonderful people who call Springfield Township home come are able to come together with the common purpose of creating a community that offers many fantastic opportunities for all its residents to enjoy the best that life has to offer. As such, the people of Springfield Township nurture the arts and entertainment venues within the community as well as the town's many parks and recreational spaces.

Springfield Township is creating a community that not only offers a great today, but promises a great tomorrow. Building a sustainable community with a bright future is of the utmost importance to the people of Springfield Township. Reflecting these values, the family friendly community of Springfield Township is home to seven fantastic public schools and the some of the region's top-ranked private academic facilities. With the backing of the community, residents in Springfield Township are comfortable in the knowledge that they live in a secure community that offers a perfect environment in which to raise a family, a community of neighborhoods, and a wonderful place to call home.

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Parks And Recreation

Maintaining and preserving the natural open spaces in and around the township's little section of the beautiful Hamilton County is of vital importance to the people of Springfield Township. The citizens of the ideal community, encourage the preservation of green spaces for play, leisure, and enjoyment throughout all of their community wide decision making and strategic planning.


Currently the township maintains 15 parks and recreation areas that form a total of more than 168 acres of space for play and enjoyment. The facilities that the township maintains include fields for baseball, football, soccer, softball, and T-ball. The township also maintains courts for basketball, tennis, and volleyball. Additionally, the township also hosts horshore pits, parks, and a number of picnic shelters.

The most popular park in the county is Winton Woods Park. Consider by many to be the best park in the area, Wintown Woods Park, is nestled along Springfield Township's northern border. The park features several miles of trails for biking, walking, or running. In addition to the park's nature paths, Winton Woods boasts a scenic lake, playgrounds, and two wonderful golf courses.

Arts And Entertainment

The vibrant community of Springfield Township is a place where the arts flourish. The community is continuously enriched and enlivened by its community access to artistic resources. Connected community, and increased economic interest for development in the township. Throughout the year, Springfield Township is host to a number of artistic events.

Popular community events include:

  • ArtLocal (Artshow featuring local artists)
  • Concerts
  • Family Entertainment Series
  • Macy's Arts Sampler
  • Mom Prom and Daddy Daughter Dance
  • Playhouse in the Park
  • Puppets For Lunch
  • Quarterly Dinner Theaters
  • WinterFest
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