Green Township

Founded by hunters and trappers, Green Township, Ohio was formed in 1809. Eventually, farming became the main industry with more than 800 farms in the area by 1920. Originally, the town was laid out in a perfect square. However, in 1896, Westwood, which was an early part of the town, was annexed by Cincinnati and an area known as Beech Flats, also part of the town, was incorporated as the village of Cheviot, changing the borders of Green Township.

Until streetcars arrived in the 1900s, the area was rural due to the soggy Millcreek Valley and steep hillsides. The Harrison Avenue viaduct opened in 1908, opening up travel to Cincinnati’s west side and, when that was replaced by the Western Hills viaduct in 1932, automobiles began to make their way west. There were 18,500 residents in Green Township around 1940 and that number rose to more than 37,300 in 1960. The 1990 census recorded 52,600 residents, making it the second largest township in Ohio.

Green Township is made up of five areas. Bridgetown, named after the New Jersey city from which the founders, the Fithians and Shepherds, migrated. The two families opened a saw mill in the area. Covedale, was established on the border of Delhi and Green Townships in the 1920s and how the area got the name is unknown. Dent, so named because of a depression in the ground near land owned by Charles Reemelin, a merchant and state legislator. Originally known as Dry Ridge, and before that, Ebenezer, Mack was named after Thomas and Anna Marie Markland’s family dog. The couple arrived from Maryland in 1805 and the dog was fond of patrolling the area, causing people to rename it after the dog. Monfort Heights was named after Captain E.R. Monfort who was postmaster of Cincinnati around 1900. Because it overlooks the area, residents added “heights” to the name. White Oak was named for the abundance of white oaks in the area which, because white oak is non-porous, made the wood excellent options for kegs and barrels. The township itself was named for Nathaniel Greene, a major general in the Revolutionary War.

Education in Green Township

Most of Green Township is served by Oak Hills Local School District, although Monfort Heights and White Oak are served by the Northwest Local School District. Oak Hills School District has three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school in Green Township while Northwest Local School District has three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school in the area. Covedale Elementary is the only Cincinnati Public School in the area. There are six Catholic Schools in the township as well.

Facilities and Parks

Basketball kids There are six public parks in Green Township. All parks have picnic tables, some that are handicap accessible, shelter houses and seasonal bathrooms. Bicentennial Park has baseball fields and playground equipment. There is also a three-quarter mile hiking and bike trail. Blue Rock Park has two soccer fields, a baseball field and playground equipment as well as a half-mile paved hiking and bike trail. Bosken Park has a baseball field, playground equipment and two cornhole courts. Kuliga Park has water fountains, six baseball fields, two soccer fields, a football field, tennis courts, two cornhole courts and playground equipment. Veteran’s Park has playground equipment, water fountains, two soccer fields, one baseball field, four outdoor handball/racquetball courts, a basketball court, a gazebo and a half-mile paved hiking or bike trail. West Fork Park has handicap accessibility near a mega-playground structure.

Unneweher House

Located in Bicentennial Park, Unneweher House is the farmhouse where former Cincinnati Reds owner, Marge Schott, once lived. The home was purchased from the Marge & Charles J. Schott Foundation in 2006 where the bulk of Schott’s estate went after her death in 2009. The foundation also gave Green Township $500,000 to restore the home to be used for community events, holiday parties and weddings. The home was built in 1835 by Peter Diehl a farmer, and Schott’s parents, Charlotte and Edward Henry Unnewehr, moved there in 1946. It had been owned by Edward Unneweher’s mother since 1902, who used it as a rental house. During Prohibition, it was home to bootleggers. Charlotte Unnewehr was not pleased when her husband moved the family to the home, calling it a “dump” because it had no electricity or running water. Before the family moved in, Ms. Schott’s father gutted the interior and added the kitchen and den. Charlotte and Edward lived in the home until Christmas Eve 1980 when Charlotte suffered a stroke. She and her husband went to the hospital and never returned to the home.

Kings Island

Kings Island is the largest amusement and water park in the Midwest, with 40 world-class thrill rides, seven colorful theme areas, live entertainment and an Australian-themed water resort. Visitors enjoy thrill rides like the Banshee, The Beast and the Diamondbac roller coasters as well as more family-oriented rides like the Grand Carousel. Kings Island has received the Gold Ticket Award for the Best Kids Area in the World for 15 years in a row. The waterpark includes the Tropical Plunge, seven-story tall complex with six different waterslide experiences. Dinosaurs Alive! Features 65 life-sized dinosaurs in a Jurassic forest setting. Live entertainment includes Hollywood Nights, which pays homage to the most memorable songs from the Silver Screen, Origins, a Cirque Experience and JUMP! The Ultimate Dog Show.

There are many things to do and see in Green Township, Ohio, from the many fun-filled family parks in the area to Kings Island, the largest amusement park in the Midwest. You can book an event at the Unnewehr House in Bicentennial Park, take a walk through the veteran memorials in Veteran’s Park or enjoy a bike ride along the many trails in the area. Contact Mark Schupp to learn more about this beautiful area just minutes from Cincinnati and ask about the many options for housing that are available. Your dream home is certain to be located within Green Township.
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