Colerain Township

Colerain Township, Ohio is located in Hamilton County and is considered “Cincinnati’s Northwest Connection.” One of twelve townships in the county, this one boasts nearly 60,000 residents, according to the 2010 census. This makes it the largest township in Ohio and it is located around Cincinnati, which is one of the most exciting cities in the country.

Because the township is in close proximity to Cincinnati, there are many things to do. If you don’t want to live in the city, yet wish to partake in the activities that the city has to offer, buying a home in one of the townships on the outskirts of town can be the answer. However, the townships themselves have their own opportunities for fun that the whole family can take advantage of. Colerain Township is no exception, as it is home to many events, parks, and recreational activities that everyone can enjoy.

Things to Do

There are things to do for those of all ages, including a Senior Center that operates on weekdays. This is a place where seniors can engage in different activities, have lunch, and take advantage of a number of services. There is a low membership fee that must be paid in order to take advantage of everything the Senior Center has to offer.

If you love flowers, then you will enjoy the rain garden that is located in Colerain Park. This is a great opportunity to see various plants that you may not see otherwise. Some of the plants include Joe Pye Weed, Virginia Sweetspire, Blue Flag Iris, Butterfly Bush, Spiderwort, and many others.

When you are looking for something else to do or something big, you can head to nearby Cincinnati to enjoy one of the many festivals, marathons, and other activities. However, those who like a thrill will head to King’s Island where some of the most significant roller coaster in the country exist. People travel far and wide to ride Banshee, Firehawk, The Beast, Vortex, Invertigo, Diamondback, and the other thrill rides. This is the largest amusement park and waterpark in the Midwest. Those living close to King’s Island tend to buy season passes so they can visit the park as much as they like during its operating months.

Parks and Recreation

There are a number of parks in Colerain Township. The major parks include Colerain Park, Clippard Park, Dravo Park, and Heritage Park. Heritage Park is known for its walking trails and disc golf. Colerain Park has picnic shelters, the Megaland playground, a walking trail, a designated area for pets, baseball fields, an amphitheater, basketball courts, and wildflowers. Clippard Park has a playground, sprayground, picnic shelters, a skate park, a baseball field, basketball courts, and a walking trail. Dravo Park is outfitted with a soccer complex, canoeing, and a picnic shelter. You can read all about the park activities, events, rules, and more here.

There are actually 6 community built playgrounds with some of them integrated into the parks. Each playground is different, while some have some of the same activities. The playgrounds are Megaland in Colerain Park, Skyline Park, the Clippard Park Boundless Playground, the Groesbeck Park playground, and the Wert Family Park KaBoom! Playground. Each have elements that are unique from one another so the kids can have a different experience from park-to-park.

If you have children that are interested in sports, there are youth sports opportunities available. The youth sports opportunities consist of spring basketball, spring tee-ball, fall basketball, spring soccer, fall soccer, football, and cheerleading. This means there are many ball fields sprinkled throughout the township that can be utilized when teams aren’t at play.

You also have canoeing opportunities. There are canoe ramps located along the Miami River so you can enjoy the outdoors, a good workout, and the water. The ramps are located at Heritage Park with the second ramp located at the Obergiesing Soccer Complex.

Colerain Events

The Free Sizzling Summer Entertainment Series takes place at the Colerain Park amphitheater. It is a way for families to come out and enjoy themselves without having to pay. The series has everything from music groups and movies to kid's karaoke. However, watching movies in the park doesn’t end here, as there are other opportunities within Colerain’s parks to watch movies in the park with the family.

Nonetheless, many of the events in the area occur in Cincinnati. There are concerts and shows at Taft Theater and Reds baseball games at the Great American Ballpark. Just right across the Ohio River from Cincinnati is Newport Aquarium where they conduct specialized events that are designed to entertain the entire family.

Educational Opportunities

School When considering real estate in the area, schools are most likely important to you if you have children. Colerain schools are a part of the Northwest Local School District. There are a total of 13 schools within the district consisting of two high schools, three middle schools, seven elementary schools, and the Houston Early Learning Center. This district is home to some of the highest rated schools in the Cincinnati area, such as Monfort Heights Elementary. This school is rated an 8 out of 10 based on test scores.

The area is also home to DeVry University, Kaplan College, Brown Mackie College, Cincinnati Christian University, Southern Ohio College, ITT Technical Institute, Institute of Medical and Dental Technology, University of Cincinnati, and many more. There are 25 colleges and universities in the area, giving your child many options to stay close when it is time for them to choose where they will go after they graduate high school.

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All in all, Colerain Township has a lot to offer. It gives you access to big city entertainment, activities, and opportunities without having to live directly in the big city. However, the community has plenty to do in itself. This is what helps feed the community pride that makes Colerain Township thrive. To learn about the real estate opportunities in the Colerain Township area, contact Mark Schupp today.
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